4 Don't read This column...
6 Scroll down Beneath the picture of the handsome-looking bloke...
8 American psyche Plus How to... hurt yourself, Stick
10 A short story by Sophie Dahl Plus Q&A, David Shrigley
12 Experience I fled the Hungarian Uprising
14 Letters Your respond
18 Thin end of the wedge Photographer Lauren Greenfield's unflinching look at eight women with anorexia
34 Box of secrets Jon Ronson goes behind the scenes of Deal Or No Deal, the TV show that's more cult than light entertainment
49 The ice man cometh Hugleikur Dagsson is an Icelandic cartoonist with a sick sense of humour. Dare you laugh?
56 Walk the line Gary Younge travels 2,000 miles along "the most extreme economic precipice on the planet" - the US/Mexico border
72 Party time Cool cocktail dresses
78 The High Street Shirts and blouses
81 Wishlist Hot shopping
83 The measure Plus Jess Cartner-Morley, Alexis Petridis
84 What I see in the mirror Gail Porter. Plus lovely lashes
85 Style nonsense And other fashion malarkey

86 Cheap Thrills Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall finds food for free
91 Around Britain with a fork Matthew Fort in Worcestershire
93 How To Bake Plus A chef's guide to Italy. The new vegetarian
95 Restaurant review The Old Fire Engine House, Ely
97 Wine The best of Portugal
98 All you need to know about... Swimming. Plus Doctor, doctor
101 Psychology The woman who locked herself away
102 This column will change your life Plus Are you happy?
105 Love by numbers Plus What women don't understand about men
106 Water marks The tower that's a minimalist shrine
111 Wishlist Our favourite things
112 Space solves A hanger for cups, a cement mixer and forest print
115 The green house Plus My home is going to be demolished
116 On my own Historian Roy Strong on life in the garden after the death of his wife
119 Carol Klein Plus clippings
121 Anatomy of a garden Plus Stumped?
122 Let's move to... The Norfolk Broads. Plus Snooping around
125 On the road BMW 335i SE coupe
126 The quiz Plus In Pictures
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Template #2

Ignore the text in the columns - it's just the template and design I'm concentrating on here. This was a definite leap forward from template #1, utilising columns, images and stylised graphics (the little circles in the columns running up and down the page). This template was 'inspired' by the contents pages of a certain Saturday supplement magazine... I liked it's cleaness and simplicity, and wondered if I could ape it on a web page. Doing the multi-coloured headings took ages!
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