template #1

In August 2006 I decided to teach myself basic web design skills. After a few weeks studying HTML and CSS, I realised that a large chunk of designing websites was all down to creating the CSS templates. HTML code is actually quite basic - it's the CSS style sheets that pose the greatest artistic challenges. The text elements are pretty straightforward - creating the boxes, graphics, layout and frames is the more time consuming part of the process. If you can master CSS style sheets and create workable templates, then you can then drop in whatever text you want.
So, I set about trying to create some very basic templates. This text is unimportant - what's important are the CSS skills I equip myself with.
This was my first attempt at creating a template. I just wanted to create a box, with a header space, content space, and footer. I call it template #1 and I was inordinately proud to have created it. No, really. I know it looks easy, but it took a few weeks with my nose buried in a book to create this... and there's not even any columns!
There are a couple of workable links down the bottom, and some divs and spans used in the HTML (which will mean nothing if your not into your HTML, but hey...). It's a start, isn't it?

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