Tatu Vuolteenaho

Tatu Vuolteenaho


Photographer, DJ, musician, club kid and internet star... we got on the blower to Tatu Vuolteenaho...

Hi Tatu - you're well known as a club face about town, but less so for your work behind the decks - how did the DJ'ing come about?
I DJ'ed in Finland in the 90s, but gave it up when I moved to London. I guess I wanted to get into more normal jobs here, but three years was enough of that lifestyle and the clubs lured me back. I took up DJ'ing again after I started to get into the - predominantly straight - minimal scene and was amazed and inspired by their sounds and technical innovation. Many good tunes come from net labels. Also with KCTV (Tatu's online website and magazine www.kctv.co.uk) I got offered lots of free press mp3s. So I got the music and then I tried the free trial version of Traktor DJ Studio and got hooked.
How would you describe the music you play?
Easy to dance to and also interesting to listen to. Nice and weird with space to breath. Anything from almost classical to hardcore drum and bass, to minimal techno and electro house. People may identify you with the alternative scene, but you've had recent guests slots at Gravity - how did that happen?
My friends dragged me to Orange and then I discovered the RAW room where David Jiminez and Gonzalo played and I was like ‘wow!' I gave them my demo mix CD and a few weeks later they asked if I was interested in a guest slot at Gravity. I have been going out more on the alternative scene and even though the mainstream gay club music is easy for continuous dancing it didn't offer much new excitement to me. But now it seems like the two are merging. Dance music that fits to bigger clubs, offers alternative sounds and inspires the ‘freaks'.
You DJ, take photographs, and run your own internet site - the brilliant KCTV.co.uk [which he runs with Kenny Campbell] - what are you most passionate about - music, pictures or technology?
This is my curse/blessing. I want to try new things and once I learn it I get bored and want something new again. But this way I have picked up many handy skills. Right now I'm most passionate about music and DJ'ing. Technology for me is just a tool. I don't have patience to get too deeply in to it.
We love the fashion clips on KCTV.co.uk - such a better way of viewing fashion that in a magazine spread , which seems flat and static by comparison - do you think websites like KCTV will kill some of the traditional fashion mags?
I don't think webzines will kill them. It is nice to go through the pages of well-produced fashion magazines. Fashion stories with animation and music can be more exciting to many people and since fashion goes well with music it's like giving the whole vision and mood, or audio-vision, instead of just the look.
And you DJ with a laptop. Is it easier to DJ that way, or just easier for carrying your entire record collection around?
Slowing down or speeding up the record to get the beat mixed using your hands can still be better than clicking the ‘synch' button. The program that calculates the beats is often wrong and it's easier to make mistakes. But other than that it's easier, and the music buying process is easier, but there is the frightening fact that sometimes the laptop might crash during your set.
What plans have you got for the upcoming months?
Travelling, studying Spanish, taking pictures of cute bears, DJ'ing and learning about music-making software. Maybe painting my face a bit.
Finally, what five records are rocking your box at the moment?
• Lake & Leger - Aqualight (Rising)
Listen at www.myspace.com/legerlake
• Receptor - Sieta Vidas (Adjunct)
Listen at www.pentatonik.net
• Mike Monday - What Day Is It? (Playtime)
Listen at www.juno.co.uk
• The Age of Steam - Disco Mafia (Mason mix) (CR2)
Listen at www.myspace.com/theageofsteam
• Andy Clockwork - Texada (Deep Funk mix) (Clocktower)
Listen at www.stompy.com

An abridged version of this interview was published in
Out In The City, March 2006 © David Hudson

To keep up to date on Taty's activities, check out his brilliant website at KCTV.

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